Criminal Practice: White Collar and Non-White Collar

We vigorously defend individuals and companies, both at the investigatory stage and active prosecutions, in federal and state courts. Our founding partners are a former New York County Assistant District Attorney and a former Supervising Attorney of the New York County Legal Aid Society’s Criminal Defense Division, both with extensive trial experience. Our white collar cases have included allegations of healthcare fraud, mail and wire fraud, securities fraud, bank fraud, insurance fraud, income and sales tax evasion, bribery, violation of the anti-kickback statute, antitrust violations, money laundering, theft of government funds, larceny, embezzlement, falsifying business records, perjury, MBE/WBE fraud, and asset forfeiture. We also represent clients in regulatory matters and internal company investigations.

In the non-white collar area, we have extensive experience in cases in all areas, including allegations of homicide, assault, sexual assault/abuse, domestic violence, aggravated harassment, stalking, criminal weapon possession, resisting arrest and driving while intoxicated.

In addition to representing those accused of crimes, we have also represented numerous victims of crimes as well as witnesses in trials and investigations.